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Why work with a professional?

You can workout on YouTube for free. Many fitness influencers have free Instagram live sessions, some for as little as 10 bucks, you can google just about anything and educate yourself. If you want to train with your bro Chad at the park because he has big biceps and got his personal training cert in 5 minutes, then we are not the coaches you are looking for. HOWEVER, if you want coaches with DECADES of experience at the HIGHEST levels of training, then we welcome you to the Grit Family with open arms

Why You Need a Coach


No matter how motivated a person you are, we ALL fall short of our commitments in some way. For example, you may think you have the best routine known to man and it may be showing you results. But have you ever talked yourself into skipping a workout, skipping a meal, resting because you are still sore, and think you can make it up another day? 100% you will make some sort of excuse along the way. Our workouts are scheduled in advance, our coaches are prompt, and we hold each other to very high standards to ensure a structure that creates a lifestyle of success. Having a coach attains a personal connection that will make sure you are on top of your game.

# 2 Functionality

How do you know your form is right? Who’s watching? Even if you’re in front of a mirror, self-correcting your own technique, form, patterns, efficient movement is something even the most talented athletes in the world have problems with. And if you’re not perfecting and improving your movements towards perfect form then how can you continuously get stronger? How can you progress those movements when you have not mastered those prior. A coach is there to “cue” you through patterns that you’re not used to. That coach signals and calls for muscles to stimulate change. That coach communicates to you in a way that you could not be able to with yourself to produce RESULTS


Our company has NEVER said no to training anyone due to ANY financial situation. Which is why we offer multiple forms of payment and payment plans. If you really want it then you would make it happen rather the make excuses. If you’re having trouble financially remember, this is a lifestyle change and a fairly inexpensive one. For example, cut out ordering in for a week and instead shop for fruits veggies, and other things to clean up your diet. That money you save from UberEats every week could be used to purchase one of our convenient virtual training packages. After all, if you’re still unsure at this point then you should recheck your commitment to your goals.


Our passion exceeds our will to just make a dollar. Your goals are our priority. All too many times under-qualified trainers charge absurd amounts of money only for their client to see little or sometimes no change. Sometimes the progress is so minimal the client begins to think the goal is unattainable, and at that point, you are just paying for a friend or for someone to give you orders for an hour or so. The little sweat session you get for that hour or so is enough to validate time and money spent? What’s the point of paying for something if you can’t get the RESULTS you want.

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