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Terms and Conditions


Training Policy


Coaches' Responsibility

  •   Coaches are to be prompt and no more than (10) minutes late to their session with client knowledge of such.

  •   Coaches will give client or athlete at least 24 hours notice of any necessary schedule changes, and reschedule any missed sessions.

  •   Coaches will stay current with applicable professional certifications

  •   Coaches will provide (if necessary) monthly log of training workouts

  •   Coaches will motivate and educate clients and athletes with INTENSITY and PASSION


Training is paid in advance. Fees are non-refundable unless catastrophic injury or illness. Once training is scheduled, both client and trainer are held liable for those time slots. Renewals are required to be paid at least 2 weeks from current package expire date. The expiration policy requires for continuance of training within (60) days of previous training session. After (60) days of delinquent status of training, sessions become void. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS

Athlete's Responsibility

Will promptly notify coach of any change in medical history

Will give coach 24 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. If 24-hour notice is not given, unless due to dire emergency or illness, this will result in forfeiture of the session.

Will comply with advance scheduling and payment policies set forth below.

Will be ready to train when the coach arrives and give un-interrupted attention.

If tardy to session without properly notifying coach of such, time is subtracted from 60- or

90-minute workout.

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