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Meet Your Coaches - Donovan Green

Director / Head Coach NSCA CPT, CSCS, NASM PES, USAW

Coach Donovan Green attended the University of Alabama and quickly began his career as a Personal Trainer at the University’s Rec Center. As the top trainer throughout his college career, he decided it was time to take his valued experience and knowledge to one of the nation’s best Strength and Conditioning Programs -- The University of Alabama.  Under the mentorship of Coach Scott Cochran and his staff of accomplished strength coaches, Green was welcomed onto staff as a University of Alabama Strength Coach for the 2015 National Championship and 2015 and 2016 SEC Title seasons. 

Upon leaving the University of Alabama Football staff in 2017, Green became the Director of Performance at JDPI in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As Director of Performance, Green led JDPI’s NFL Combine Training Program, notable for producing elite athletes such as Malcolm Butler, Marquis Haynes, and many other standout athletes.  Green decided to leave his position as Director of Performance and move to New York City to further advance as a Sports Performance Coach. Currently, a Sports Performance Coach training primarily in Midtown Manhattan, Green has worked with accomplished athletes including Los Angeles Rams rookie defensive lineman, Major League Lacrosse midfielders, and prospective Division 1 top-ranked basketball and baseball players.   With an untouchable passion and invaluable knowledge base, Green has the dream, drive, and experience to mold elite athletes and help them achieve their own dreams of reaching the professional level.

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