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Staying Ahead of the Curve on Seasonal Behaviors

Sure, 2020 has been a difficult year for most of us. However, it should NOT leave you without resources to better yourself.

For most of us, working from home is the new norm. Gyms are no longer open. And if they are, rules and regulations make the environment not as appealing as it once was. If this is the case, are you finding other ways to reach your fitness goals? Are you giving your body the required nutrition and movement activity to benefit your physical and mental health?

Fortunately, summertime typically brings a lot more opportunity to seize the day and inspire us to stay active when weather permits.

But what about in the cold conditions of the fall and winter months? Don’t wait until the holiday are over to finally feel motivated to lose the weight you wanted to lose or gain the muscle you needed. Training is more than a workout. It’s a lifestyle. And what better time to incorporate an effective training regime than RIGHT NOW.

So what’s your excuse? Next month? After Thanksgiving? After Christmas? Ok fine. New Years 2021 you will drop everything and will commit to a healthy lifestyle and feel good in your body? No, start NOW so when you hear these excuses of your family and friends, you can inspire them to break the chain of seasonal behaviors that stop us from reaching our goals every year.

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